Movie Schedule for Friday (6/23) - Thursday (6/29)

June 2017

23Jun - 29Jun 2312:03 amJun 2947 Meters DownRun Time: 12:03am, 89 minutesScreen:1Rated:PG-13Days of the Week:Fri-Tues

23Jun - 29Jun 239:34 pmJun 29Transformers: The Last KnightRun Time: 9:34pm, 149 minutesScreen:1Rated:PG-13Days of the Week:Fri-Tues

June 2017

23Jun - 29Jun 239:34 pmJun 29Cars 3Run Time: 9:34Screen:2Rated:GDays of the Week:Fri-Thurs

23Jun - 29Jun 2311:22 pmJun 29Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No TalesRun Time: 11:22pm, 129 minutesScreen:2Rated:PG-13Days of the Week:Fri-Thurs

Guardians of the Galaxy will only be playing Friday 6/23 and Saturday 6/24 as a third feature.

June 2017

23Jun - 24Jun 231:41 amJun 24Guardians of the Galaxy 2Run Time: 1:41amScreen:2Rated:PG-13Days of the Week:Fri-Sat

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