South Drive-In Rental Request

The drive-in is a great way to celebrate any event in a social-distancing safe way! You can show a Blu-ray of your choice, make your very own movie to show on the big screen, choose a favorite film, or have a live concert/comedy/show!

How many cars can your theater hold?

The South Drive-in Theater can accommodate 513 cars with Covid-19 capacity restrictions.  Screen 1 will hold 325, Screen 2 will hold 188.

What time will the movie start?

We can start the movies at DUSK (about 30 minutes after sun down) in order to be able to see the picture on the screen. That is anywhere from 7:30pm-9:40pm depending on the month.

What days are available for rent?

·We usually prefer to keep the rentals on week nights (Monday-Thursday) because the weekend is where the volume of our business is.

· However, we are not opposed to renting on the weekends (Friday-Sunday).

What can we watch on the big screen?

You have several options:

  1. You can bring a Blu-Ray of any movie you would like to watch.  We will need to purchase a license for it (usually around $150-$350).
  2. You can select a film and we can see if it is available for rental.  (Rates Vary)
  3. You can make a video to show on the big screen! Format of the video should be MP4.
  4. You can host a live concert/comedy show.

**We NEED the video or Blu-Ray 14 DAYS IN ADVANCE to convert it to the proper format.

Will concessions be available?

Yes! We can have concessions available, but we need to know this upon booking your event so we can staff it.

What social distancing measures are taken?

We take social distancing very seriously. Our staff is healthy and wash their hands on a very regular basis. They wear masks at all times, and gloves when required. We ask our guests to wear masks if they are moving around the drive-in and within 6 feet of others. Masks are not required if guests are inside their cars or more than 6 feet away from others.  We require guests to wear a mask if they are entering common areas like the concession stand and restrooms.  We also provide plenty of hand sanitizer for our and or your guests.  Cars are parked every other space as to leave a 10 foot space in between each car.  Guests are asked to sit in between their cars and the screen and not in the empty space beside their car.  The empty space should remain empty at all times for social distancing.

What staff will be included in the rental price?

We can provide our “normal” operating staff that we would have provided had we been open to the general public the night of your event.  We can also have concessions staff available if requested upon booking your event.  Any required staff or labor over our normal operating staff would be at your expense.

How is parking handled?

We suggest having guests park the same way we do at the theater.  Vehicles park every other space so there is a 10′ social distancing space.  Small size cars park on the entrance half of the theater, mid size cars park on the exit half of the theater, full size cars park in the very front and back of the theater.

Can our guests bring food?

Typically we allow outside food during regular movie operations.  However, we like to have the concession stand operating during private events.  If you do not want the concession stand to operate, and want your guests to bring in outside food, we are ok with this, however there may be an additional fee for this.

Please fill out this form and we will contact you as soon as possible to discuss your event!

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