Rules and Regulations

South Drive-In Theater (House Rules) – Revised July 31, 2017. Please take a moment to Review Our House Rules to Better Protect Everyone’s Experience.

Our rules are here for your safety as well as the safety of others and our staff. We want to ensure everyone in attendance has a safe & enjoyable evening. Failure to follow these and or other rules for the Theater can and will result in ejection from the Theater without a refund.


  • Employees and security will remain on the grounds at all times for the safety of our guests, PLEASE NOTE that we do have a Columbus City Police Officer on duty.
  • For questions, comments, concerns about the staff or operations please email ( on call the managers office at (614)-491-6771. (Note: This email is not for movie listings, please follow us on facebook or visit our website, or call our movie numbers.)
  • Dead Battery, NO PROBLEM just find a staff member and well get a lot person out to you to assist.


  • Visit our website at or
  • Call us at (614)-491-6771 / (614)-491-2583 / (614)-291-3297
  • Follow us on Facebook for our postings and events.
  • Follow us on twitter @SOUTHDIUPDATES
  • E-Mail us at (not for movie times)
  • Most of the time our movies change on Friday, but we are now frequently allowed to open on Thursday and also sometime there are unusual openings because of how the Holiday’s fall. So be sure to check for the movie listings and times if you had a specific title in mind before you leave the house. We try to have everything posted to our website, twitter, and facebook by the end of the day on Tuesday.


  • Most of the time on new release movies we must play them for a minimum of two weeks. We play a few of them longer, usually by converting them to a second feature because its doing so well. If you want to see a movie, you should plan on coming before the end of the second week.
  • Second run movies can run for a matter of days or weeks depending on the contract. We try to play and put the strongest movies on the screen we can get. We aren’t going to terminate a movie that is bringing in lots of people unless there is something stronger that we missed out on earlier, or something better coming out. If there is something strong that we missed, we usually bring it in at the first opportunity.
  • We always play at least two movies on each screen. Once or twice a year we will run three movies because there were, are or are going to be titles out that we thought or think would or will be strong together and make a great combination on the screen.
  • We always replay the first movie over again, unless its one of those weeks where were running three movies on the screen. But most every week we run the replay so that if you have other obligations, you can arrive nearly two hours late and still see both movies on Friday & Saturday nights.
    We are considered a top run or first run theater. We have always played mostly first run films that are on the top of the box office lists.
  • We consider ourselves to be a people oriented theater, some theaters gravitate towards different demographics, some only families, some only teenage movies, some older style movies. We play everything that is on the top of the box office charts so that everyone can catch their movie at the drive-in. We try to get what the majority want to see. We play mostly G, PG, PG-13. But several times a year there are those R rated movies that we feel are so popular, we must play them instead of losing out.
  • Why is a movie a rated R? We get this question a lot at the gate. All you have to do is look at the events and posts on facebook, or updates on twitter.. Go to our website and take a look there ( / or call one of the three numbers we have (614) 491-6771 / 491-2583, and we tell you exactly why the movie has been rated R. This way you as parents can decide before bringing your children to an R rated movie. REMEMBER THAT ANYONE 17 OR UNDER MUST BE ACCOMPANIED BY A PARENT OR GUARDIAN OR ADMISSION WILL BE DENIED TO ANY “R” RATED FILM!


  • Management has the right to refuse service/admission to anyone at anytime for any reason as they see fit.
  • Adults ages (12+) are admitted for $9.50 each on Friday and Saturday nights and holiday eves, and $7.50 on all other nights.
  • We have Premium Reserved Spaces available on busy nights for $9.50. These are near the center of each lot in the primary rows and will have a speaker on the post. Premium Reserve spaces are available online up to two hours before the movies starts. Go to and click on the Premium Reserve Space tab on top or go to
  • Also, on these nights, if you want to use the parking space adjacent to your car for your lawn chairs, you can do this by paying a $10 fee either at the ticket office when you come in or from one of the lot attendants.
  • Children ages (5-11) are admitted for $2.00 each. Children ages (4 & under) are admitted FREE.
    We do accept MOST major credit cards (Visa, Master Card, Discover, NOT AMERICAN EXPRESS) and of course cash, cash is always good.
  • Please hold onto all tickets you are given at the gate. You will need these in case you are approached by security. These tickets are your pass into the theater, do not lose them. If for any reason you leave the theater, you MUST pay to re-enter if you cannot provide the attendant at the gate with your tickets.
  • If you wish to watch a movie that is on one screen and then watch another movie on the other screen you must pay 2x for each person as you come in. The movie companies do not allow cross overs from one screen to the other therefore you must purchase tickets to each screen.
  • What if we cant decide what program and screen to go to? There are parking spots which have a good view of both screens. Those of you who want to enjoy the program on the other screen can either use personal radios or the car radio to listen to the sound for the other program. You can see side 1 from every spot on side 2 and you can see side 2 from nearly every spot on side 1. (YOU MAY NOT CROSS OVER)
    If you are caught sneaking in, this is considered theft. You have several options. 1) Pay 2 tickets for each person that sneaked in, and 1 additional ticket for each other person in the car that paid at the gate, making a total of 2 tickets per person. 2) Leave without a refund. 3) Be arrested for theft and have your vehicle impounded by the Columbus Police Department, and be Criminally Trespassed off the property. This action is theft from not only the Theater, but also the distributors, the studios, the actors/actress and crews of the films. It costs Millions to make the movies and the studios expect us as the exhibitor to collect as much as possible in revenue.


  • NO REFUNDS are given once you are 30 mins or more into the show.
  • Refunds are given at the manager’s discretion.
  • If a severe thunder storm or heavy rain occurs, making it impossible for you to stay and enjoy the movie, we will give you a rain check if you haven’t been able to see at least 30 mins of the movie. Be sure to hold onto your tickets. We can’t offer you a rain check if you don’t have your tickets.
  • If a power outage or such act of nature, or technical difficulty beyond our control occurs, we will offer passes, and or rain checks at which it is your choice which you prefer to accept. The passes will be good until the date the manager chooses usually not less then 30 days.


  • PLEASE pay particular attention to the information you receive at the gate which pertains to our PARKING POLICY.
  • If you have a Large truck, Van, or SUV, chances are you will not have to park all the way in the back anymore depending how big your vehicle is. We have a specifically designed parking policy that allows different size vehicles parking access all the way to the front of the screen, assuming you are not to big of course. Make sure you park where your told to at the gate, pay close attention.
  • PLEASE NOTE: Our parking policy is in effect on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday nights, and most holidays, and holiday weekends. It is in place to ensure that everyone will be able to see the show. We CANNOT make exceptions to our parking policy, even if you are with someone in a different sized vehicle than your own. Please come early, if you arrive late please do not expect to get a good spot. We thank you in advance.
    Raised hatchbacks or lift backs must not be raised any higher than the roof of the vehicle so as not to block the viewing angle of the vehicle behind you.
  • Each vehicle is entitled to one parking space. If you sit outside your vehicle, please do not occupy another parking space, this includes your chairs and blankets.
  • For the safety of everyone all blankets, chairs, etc. must be in front of your vehicle, or beside your vehicle not occupying or overlapping into the other space so the other guest beside you has the same amount of room. This will be strictly enforced on Friday, Saturday, Sunday & Holiday nights as were are typically very busy. On slow nights and week nights we have no problems with you spreading out a little bit just not out in the aisle way where cars travel.
  • We do not allow anyone to sit on top of their vehicle for any reason. This is a big safety concern. NO EXCEPTIONS!
  • When you park your vehicle please make sure that you are parked centered with the pole, and that you are not hanging out into the aisle way. This way you will avoid getting hit by cars coming in and out.


  • The SPEED LIMIT on the lot is 5 MPH AT ALL TIMES!!! PLEASE watch for children…
  • After dark, please use parking lots only so your headlights don’t disturb people watching the movies. You may want to consult your car operating manual about how to do this. If you still can’t get your headlights off, we have drapes we can put on your lights. Just let the box office attendant know that you need help.
    Drivers are responsible for making sure that all passengers are inside the vehicle and that no other patrons are in the way before moving their vehicle or leaving the theater.
  • We suggest that footwear be worn every where on the grounds not just as required in the Snack Bar as there may be glass or nails.
  • There is NO RUNNING or HORSE PLAY on the grounds or buildings (This includes parking lots, restrooms, snack bar, etc.) This is for your safety and the safety of others.
  • AGAIN, the SPEED LIMIT is 5 Miles Per Hour!
  • We do permit Grills. But your fire has to be out before dark and cold when the first movie starts. Come early if you are using charcoals, DO NOT DUMP YOUR COALS ON OUR LOT. Please take all of you trash home with you. Remember that it MUST be OUT and COLD by dark.


  • We do allow walk-ins, on week nights only. You must sit in the grass areas or at the picnic table area out of the way of traffic. We suggest that you bring a digital tuned radio to listen to the movie on, and maybe some blankets so sit on.
  • We do allow Bi-Cycles, on week nights only. You must sit in the grass areas or at the picnic table area out of the way of traffic. We suggest that you bring a digital tuned radio to listen to the movie on, and maybe some blankets to sit on.
  • We do allow Motorcycles. Motorcycles will be permitted as a car and expected to follow the same rules. We ask that you arrive early as not to interrupt the show after start time.


  • Movies will play as scheduled rain or shine. Even in thunderstorms. Once a tornado hit the large screen and took it down just after the movie started. Other than that or a power outage we will run the show no matter what. Frequently, threats of rain do not materialize or the rain stops. Some people don’t mind “watching” the movie with the wipers going. We ask that you hang in there until you see what the weather is going to do.
  • We will make every effort to get everyone in before the start of the actual feature.
  • Box office will open 1 1/2 hours on Friday, Saturday, & Most Holiday nights. 45 Mins on Sun night (unless its a holiday weekend). 30 Mins on week nights. Please make sure you check the postings and events for the exact times. We ask that everyone arrive at least this amount of time as it does take some time to get through the line on a busy night. Please do not expect to arrive just before show time on Fri & Sat and get right in as it will not happen, we are very very busy most weekends.


  • Dogs are permitted on the grounds as long as they are well behaved, non-aggressive, and will remain quite.
  • We ask that you please remember to clean up after your pets, and put it in the large steel dumpsters not the “Trash Cans”. Please don’t leave their business at our business. Remember to bring the pooper scooper.
  • Pets must remain on a leash at all times. No exceptions this is a Columbus City Code.
  • By order of the Health Department NO PETS ALLOWED in the snack bar at any time, unless they are a certified service animal.


  • For your pleasure there are still old time speakers at most every post, that we maintain from year to year, in which you can use to listen to the movie sound. (HOW EVER DUE TO RECENT EVENTS WE HAVE A LIMITED NUMBER SO IF YOU REQUIRE A SPEAKER COME EARLY)
  • Radio sound is available everywhere on each lot and the additional grass parking spaces.
  • You can tune through your car radio (91.9FM for side 1, 96.7FM for side 2) to listen to the movie sound.
  • You can use a digitally tuned radio to listen to the movie sound. (91.9FM for side 1, 96.7FM for side 2).
    We ask that you keep your stereo level to a reasonable level for your family, as not to interrupt anyone around you.
  • Please make sure that before you leave, you hang the speakers back up on the post. Please do not drive off with them attached to your windows as they will break the glass in your door. If you don’t hang them back up, that’s how then tend to get ran over and damaged.
  • Don’t worry if your battery happens to die we have lot staff that will be willing to give you a jump for FREE. Just come to the snack bar and ask for help.


  • We DO NOT allow cross overs from one screen to the other, if you wish to switch screens you must exit and pay for everyone in the vehicle again. You can avoid exiting by paying for both screens when you first come in. We do watch for cross overs at intermission, and if you do not have tickets for the correct screen you will be sent back to the other screen from which you purchased tickets, or asked to leave the theater.
  • Car engines can tend to be noisy and put out a lot of fumes and odors and just cause a nuisance. Car engines MUST be turned off as other guests may be sitting outside their vehicles trying to hear the movie, and we don’t want to interrupt anyone.
  • If you must talk please do not carry on a loud conversation(s) or cause a disturbance.
    We suggest that you turn the ringer on you phone down, and if you must use it please talk quietly or walk away as to not bother your neighbors.
  • Smoking is permitted, but only if your smoke is not disturbing others. If cars are parked next to you, please refrain from smoking. If you must smoke please walk over to an area where you there is nobody within 10 feet of you, or put your windows up.
  • You would think that car horns and a drive-in theater go together, but we are actually more into and on top of the movies then you are, making sure they are running correctly and on time. The horns and just a pain and do nothing but irritate the audience and staff while trying to work on complex equipment when there is a problem. Please be patient and don’ honk.
  • We ask that once the movie starts any parties or gatherings you may be planning to have, ends, as not to distract our other guests or cause disturbances.


  • Footwear MUST be worn in the snack bar at all times, along with a shirt (NO SHIRT, NO SHOES, NO SERVICE). We would also suggest not to walk around the theater outside with out shoes as there may be glass or nails.
  • By order of the Health Department, NO PETS ALLOWED at any time in the snack bar, unless they are a certified service animal.
  • No RUNNING, or HORSEPLAY in the snack bar at any time, you will be asked to leave the snack bar area if you cannot abide.
  • We offer a larger variety of choices in the snack bar. Feel free to check out our photos page to see the delicious options. Some of the popular items that we carry is our famous popcorn, popped in a gas fired popper, which could ultimately be the best in town. We also offer freshly made Pizza (Hand Made) by the slice, french fries, hot dogs, hamburgers, nachos, candy, chips, ice cream, soft pretzels, Pepsi products, Jolly Rancher Juice drinks, Monster Energy drinks for those of you who need that extra boost, and bottled water, we also have a lot more, check out the photos page. We think that our food and prices are much better and more reasonable than the indoor theaters.
  • If, perhaps we don’t have something that you like, feel free to bring in something that you do like, we don’t mind. However, we hope you will show your support and buy something from us, since we are still one of the only Drive-Ins not charging a food permit. We also ask that you take your trash back home with you, or at least ask for a free trash bag from the box office or the snack bar and bag it up to make it easier on the janitorial staff to clean.


  • Laser pointers are not permitted inside the theater at any time, if you are caught with one, it will be confiscated or everyone in your party will be asked to leave the theater. YOUR CHOICE!
  • Do not throw objects of any kind at the screen, buildings, cars, people, or at anything else for that matter.
  • Climbing on the screen towers is strictly prohibited and off limits. Parents please keep an eye on your children so they do not try.
  • Waving in front of the projection path is prohibited and off limits. The equipment and glass is delicate and could break if something or someone goes through the glass porthole. Parents please keep an eye on your children so they do not try.
  • Cross overs are absolutely forbidden! The movie companies that license us the movies forbid us to allow people or cars to freely change screens or auditoriums. Same rules apply as if it were an indoor theater, you must enter the movie screen or auditorium you paid to see. If you want to change screens you must pay all over again. If you a caught switching screens you will be sent back to the screen you paid for or asked to leave the theater.


  • We have a wheelchair accessible rest room on the south side of the concession to the left of the ladies room door.
  • We do have parking spaces reserved for cars with handicap placards or a handicap license plate near the concession and rest rooms. Some spaces are van accessible.
  • If you are hearing-impaired, we are broadcasting in FM and you could bring a digitally tuned radio with headphones and we hope that works for your impairment.


  • We are NOT RESPONSIBLE for Motor Vehicle accidents.
  • We are NOT RESPONSIBLE for damage to vehicles or personal property.
  • We are NOT RESPONSIBLE for lost or stolen items including, money & personal property.
  • We are NOT RESPONSIBLE for Medical injuries & accidents.